New Account Page

We listened to your feedback and redesigned the account page to better serve your needs. The new design should feel familiar, yet improve on the different tasks that you usually perform on your account:

  1. Update credit card
  2. Review and edit invoice information
  3. Change subscription plan
  4. Invite team members

You can always switch back to the previous account page by clicking on the “Switch back to old design” link below the sidebar menu. If you do this, please take a moment to write to us at and let us know how to improve the new design.

Table of Contents


We have simplified the sidebar to include rolling the billing settings into the account menu. Webhooks, API tokens, and applictations can be found under the new automation menu.


Account email address and name

You can now edit your account name and email address on the first card under the account menu. If you wish to update the email address to login to DNSimple, this is not the email address that you are looking for. Please have a look at this article

Edit name

Plan breakdown

This new section gives you a detailed breakdown of your account plan and what you are currently paying for. You can switch your plan and your billing cycle (monthly, yearly) from this section.


Credit card information

View at a glance your credit card and update it from this section. This is located under the account menu.

Credit card information


Under the account menu, this section contains multiple information and actions that you can do on your invoices:

  • View and download all invoices
  • View and download your last invoice
  • Edit extra information about your invoices

To understand the different payment states on your acount, please have a look at this article.

If you need to retry a specific invoice, please follow these instructions.



Activity tracking provides an overview of all past changes for your account as a whole.

Under the account menu, you’ll find a link to view all your account’s activity.


Cancel subscription

Canceling your subscription is the last action under the account menu.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. After unsubscribing you will no longer be charged a monthly/yearly fee and your domains will no longer resolve with us. You may resubscribe at any time and your domains will resolve again.

If you cancel your account, all your domains and records will still remain in your account. You will also be able to transfer your domains out of DNSimple.

Cancel subscription

Adding team members

An account can be associated with one or more users. When you add a user to an account, the new user has full access rights on every resource attached to the account: domains, contacts, and SSL certificates.

Members have full admin access, including the ability to access and change billing information and account details. The user will retain their login credentials and 2-factor authentication configuration.

You can invite (or revoke an invitation) under the team menu. Click on the “Invite” link to get started.

In order to have multiple members on a single account, you must first be subscribed to an eligible plan


API access token

An account token gives you access to the resources connected to that account: domains, SSL certificates, contacts, etc…

You can manage your API access tokens from the automation menu on your account.



Under the automation menu, you can manage webhooks for any event related to your account.

Webhooks allow any application that can listen to HTTPS POSTs to receive notification of events as they occur. With webhooks you can now react to events like domain registrations, transfers, renewals, automatic renewals, zone changes, and a whole lot more.

Post announcements in your team’s Slack channel. Listen for auto-renewal events and automatically handle billing your customers for those renewals. These are just a few examples of how you can use Webhooks to create better integrations with DNSimple and make your domains simpler to operate and grow.

Webhooks developer documentation