I’m a Silver customer, what do the new plans mean for me?

As an existing Silver customer, you do not need to make any changes today. You can continue using your current plan, however you will not have access to new features in DNSimple as they are released.

You may want to consider switching to the Personal plan as it may save money each month. The Personal plan costs $5 per month and includes up to 5 domains. After 5 domains you will only pay $0.50 per domain per month for additional domains. This means that if you are currently a Silver customer with 4 domains, then switching to the Personal plan will save you $3 each month. If you are a Silver customer with 10 domains, then you will save $0.50 per month.

If you run, or manage domains on behalf of, a business, you may want to consider upgrading to either the Professional or Business plan. These plans come with added benefits that help improve domain and DNS management for business customers, such as the new Team feature, which allows you to add team members to an account so they can control and manage all aspects of that account. With the Professional and Business plans, you can also protect yourself with our SLA. Professional plans come with 99% SLA and Business plans come with a 100% SLA. Business plans also include our concierge service, letting you hand off the transfer of domains into your account for no additional charge to you. Your concierge can also help answer questions about your domains and DNS and assist you in finding the best set up for your business domains.