Managing Multiple Accounts Per User

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DNSimple allows a user to be associated with multiple accounts. This happens in two cases:

Managing multiple accounts is a flexible way to access different levels of service and share domain management with other users.

Creating a separate account

If you want to add another account to your user profile:

  1. Visit the settings for your user profile by clicking the link in the menu.

    Settings link

  2. Once there, follow the link.

    Add New Account link

  3. You’ll see a form you should fill in with the details for your new account.

    Add New Account form

  4. Once you’ve submitted the new account form, the account is created. You can activate it by clicking the . You can configure other parts of your account from the top navigation menu before activating your account.

    Add New Account details

Switching active accounts

Switching account context is easy. Select the account you’d like to use from the menu:

Switch account

The new selected account name will appear on the navigation bar.