Changing Account Email

When you initially sign up as a user in our system, we create an account bound to that user. We call this the Primary Account, and the email address is the same as the username. If you change the email address for that user, the account email address will also be updated. That way customers with a single account only have to update their email in one place. Follow the instructions in Changing User Email if this is the case for you.

Extra accounts have their own email addresses that can be changed ad-hoc. Follow the following steps to change the email address:

To change the account email
  1. Go to your account page.
  2. On the account name section, click the link:

    Settings menu

  3. Change the email and press

    Email link

If the input field is missing under , then this is the Primary account attached to your user. You’ll need to update your user email to change this addreess