DNSimple Consul NIA Integration

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Consul is a full-featured service mesh that enables service discovery, secure service communication, health check service monitoring, kv store, and built-in proxy. It also supports out-of-the-box distributed multi-region support. With DNSimple’s Consul NIA integration, you can automatically provision records that reflect your service mesh.

Configuring the DNSimple Consul NIA Integration

In your Consul-Terraform-Sync configuration file, define a task similar to the example given below:

task {
  name        = "dnsimple-task"
  description = "Create/delete/update DNS records"
  module      = "dnsimple/cts/dnsimple/latest"

  condition "services" {
    names = ["web", "api"]
  variable_files = ["/terraform.tfvars"]

Pay special attention to the condition and variable_files fields.

condition - specifies services to trigger the task
variable_files - Specifies list of paths to Terraform variable definition files (.tfvars). This is where you need to specify the configuration variables for our DNSimple Terraform Provider.

To ensure the task can create the records in your DNSimple account, the following variables need to be set in your .tfvars file:

dnsimple_token:string - (Required) The DNSimple API v2 token. You can use either a User or an Account Token. We recommend using the Account token. You can read our API Access Token support article for more information on how to get a token.

dnsimple_account:string - (Required) The ID of the account associated with the token. For more information on obtaining your account ID, take a look at Account scope in our developer documentation.

dnsimple_sandbox:boolean - (Optional) Set to true to connect to the API sandbox environment. The token and account ID will vary between the sandbox and our production environment. The sandbox environment is a great place to make sure you have your configuration dialed in before using it in the actual production environment. To learn more about our sandbox environment, read Sandbox for Testing Calls to the API.

Service Configuration Metadata

  "Meta": {
    "zone_name": "vegan.pizza",
    "record_name": "api",
    "record_ttl": "60"
  • meta.zone_name:string - The zone (domain name) that is managed through DNSimple. e.g. vegan.pizza
  • meta.record_name:string - A valid label to create an A record in the specified zone. e.g. api which will result in api.vegan.pizza
  • meta.record_ttl:string - (Optional) Valid TTL value which will be used for the A record. e.g. 600 - 10 minutes

Ready to go

You’re now ready to get started with DNSimple’s Consul NIA Integration. As always, if you have more questions, get in touch - we’re always happy to help.