Contacting DNSimple Support

The best way to get in touch is to either use our contact form or send us an email:

Priority support

If you have a Business subscription, then you are entitled to priority support. Your support emails will go to a support queue dedicated to you and will be answered first before other support requests.

Visit the contact form while logged in, and accessing your business account, to send a priority support email.

Tips for getting a faster, more accurate response

  • Be sure to include your account email address if you are sending the email from a different email address than your account.
  • Include the domain name or names that you are inquiring about.
  • Include the full domain name if you are inquiring about a certificate.
  • If you are reporting an error, include the steps you took prior to receiving the error message.

How long before your support request will receive a response?

You should normally receive a response to any support request within 24 hours. You will often receive a response much sooner. Response times may be slower on weekends.

Phone support

We do not offer phone support at this time.


If you would just like to say thanks or share the love, feel free mention our account on Twitter: @dnsimple.