Contacting DNSimple Support

What is the best way to contact DNSimple support?

If you’re already a DNSimple customer, the easiest way to contact us is within the DNSimple app.

Scroll to the bottom of your DNSimple app and click ‘Contact Us’.

You’ll be sent to our contact page that has a fillable form. Complete that form to provide us with information to best help you with your question.

The contact page is also a great place to find our support documentation, developer documentation and status page.

What should I include in my request?

Including the following information will help our support team answer your questions even faster:

  • Send requests using the email associated with your account.
  • Include the domain name(s) you’re inquiring about.
  • Include the full domain name when inquiring about a certificate.
  • If you’ve received an error message, please share a screenshot of the error, and include the steps you took prior to receiving the error message.
  • Share any relevant information, and let us know if you’ve followed the steps in the corresponding support documentation.

What are your average response times?

Monday - Friday: We reply to all tickets within 24 hours.

Enterprise customers have the option to receive priority support with a dedicated queue and one-hour response times.

Response times may be slower on weekends or holidays. View our Customer Support Policy for more info.

How do I get priority support?

Enterprise clients receive priority support and have a dedicated queue for faster responses. They are guaranteed to hear from us within an hour of receiving the initial request, provided the request is sent through their priority channel.

If you’re an Enterprise customer and want to send a priority support email, fill out the contact form while logged in to your account.

screenshot: Contact Us Form

If you think an Enterprise plan might be a good fit for you, contact sales, and we’ll get you set up.

How can I contact DNSimple support if I’m not logged in?

Go to and fill out the form under Email Us. Be sure to use the email associated with your DNSimple account.

Alternatively, you can email us at at any time. Use the email associated with your DNSimple account.

You must be an authorized user on the account (meaning you have login access) to receive any account specific help. We cannot and will not share account information with an unauthorized user.

Can I contact support for account help if I’m not an authorized user?

If you are not an authorized user on the account, please reach out to someone who is, and coordinate with them to contact us. We cannot and will not share account information with an unauthorized user.

Can I contact DNSimple if I’m not a customer yet?

Absolutely! If you want to talk about your DNS and domain management needs, contact Sales, and we’ll help you find the account that’s right for you.

If you have general questions about DNSimple, our products, and features, just fill out the ‘Email Us’ section on our contact page.

Can I call you?

For security purposes, we only provide email support. This ensures we are speaking to authorized users. This means we do not offer phone support or live chat.