Domain Masking

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What is masking?

Domain Masking (or URL Masking) is when you set up a website to display the content of another while hiding the destination’s URL. For example, using Domain Masking makes the website show the content of, without the user knowing they’re accessing

This is often done with HTML iframes, or by setting up a proxy.

Can DNSimple mask my domain for me?

No. URL modification is not a DNS functionality. We have chosen not to develop a helper for this.

If you don’t mind displaying the destination URL, you can set up a URL Record to point to the destination.

If you control the destination website, you can set up an ALIAS or CNAME record to point to the destination, and configure the destination systems to redirect to the correct page.

Adding both an ALIAS/CNAME and a URL record does not combine behaviors of the two. It will return both records to the user, creating an inconsistent and incorrect experience.

What can I do?

If you want to mask the URL and present only your domain, you need to set up your own web-server to intercept and handle this. We recommend using a third-party app that requires no configuration other than DNS to work: brighella

This is not a DNSimple product or something we support, but we know it works well with our service.