.ES Domain Names

This article explains the requirements and special procedures for .ES domain names.

Renewing a .ES domain

ES domains do not follow the same renewal procedures as TLDs like .com, .net, and .org. ES domains must have auto-renewal enabled at least 30 days prior to expiration. This is because ES domains do not have a typical redemption period as other popular TLDs mentioned before, they begin the deletion process a few days before expiration.

If your domain is in this redemption period, it will need to be manually renewed by support for a substantial fee imposed by the registry. As soon as the expiration date happens and it is not renewed, the domain is immediately deleted and made available for registration again.


Anyone may register a .ES domain, however you will need to provide additional information:

  1. Registrant ID Type: You may choose to provide us any of the following identification details:
    • VAT ID (DNI or NIF): Select this option if you can provide us either your Spanish National Personal ID or your company VAT ID number;
    • Resident alien ID (NIE): Select this option if you can provide us your Spanish resident alien ID number;
    • Generic ID: Select this option if you do not have any of the above mentioned IDs, but can provide either your Passport number, any Foreign ID document number, Company Registration number, Driver’s License number, etc.
  2. Registrant ID Number: Depending upon the option you selected above, you need to provide that ID’s number here.