Managing DS Records When Changing DNS

If you use DNSSEC, then when you switch from one DNS provider to another you must take precautions to ensure your DNS resolution continues during the transition.

Your DS record is tied to the specific DNSSEC key that is used to sign your zone. If you move from a DNSSEC provider to a provider that does not support DNSSEC, then you must remove your DS record before switching.

The same rule applies if you switch from one DNS provider with DNSSEC to another DNS provider with DNSSEC. You should remove your DS record first, transition to the new DNS provider, and then have them provide you with the new DS record that you can add to your domain’s registry name servers.

How to Remove Your DS Record in DNSimple

If you are using DNSimple as your domain registrar, and you have set up your DS record previously with us, then you may remove the record by going to your domain’s management page and using the Delete DS Record button at the bottom of the page.

Delete DS Record