Forgotten Password

The first step to access your account after you’ve forgetten your password is to get a password reset link. You can get a password resent link sent via email by first going to the login screen and clicking on the Forgot Password link:

Login Screen Forgot Password Link

On the next screen, enter the email address you used to sign up.

Enter Your Email

If a user with that email address exists, then an email is sent to that address. The email contains a link that you must click on to enter a new password.

The email will arrive from In that email will be a link to - either copy this link into your browser or click on the link if your email client automatically enables the link.

Make sure that the link is to - if the link is not to the web site, do not use the link and contact customer support instead.

Enter a new password

Once you are on the DNSimple web site, enter a new password. Your new password will be recorded and you will be logged in.