Troubleshooting Heroku “No such app” error

You pointed your domain to Heroku, but when you access your domain you see the error page No such app.

Heroku No such app error

Heroku | No such app
There is no app configured at that hostname.
Perhaps the app owner has renamed it, or you mistyped the URL.

This error page is returned when you point a custom domain to Heroku, but you did not attach the hostname to your Heroku application.

This error page is returned by Heroku. The good news is that your DNS are correctly resolving to Heroku. Follow the instructions below to fix the error.

Make sure to add your custom domain to your Heroku application using the heroku domains:add command. If you are using subdomains, you will need to run the command for each custom subdomain you want attached to your app.

www vs not-www

If you are pointing both your www and not-www version of the site to Heroku, then you will need to add both domains explicitly. If you just add, then will return a “No such app” error, and vice-versa.

$ heroku domains:add,
$ heroku domains:add