60-Day Lock After Change of Registrant

For all domains under registries contracted with ICANN, including all gTLDs, newGTLDs, and potentially some ccTLDs, a new ICANN policies went into effect December 1st, 2016:

After 1 December 2016, registrars must impose a lock that will prevent any transfer to another registrar for sixty (60) days following a change to a registrant’s information. Registrars may (but are not required to) allow registrants to opt out of the 60-day lock prior to the change of registrant request.

To transfer a domain name to another registrar and change the registrant’s information, registrants may:

  • Request the transfer to another registrar before changing the registrant’s information (to avoid the 60-day lock); or
  • Have the prior registrant opt-out the 60-day lock (if this option is offered by the registrar) before making any change to registrant information.

Because policies may vary by registrar, please review a registrar’s policy before making a change to registrant information or transferring to another registrar.

We don’t support the ability to opt-out of the 60-day lock. We highly recommend that if you plan to transfer your domain, you wait to update the contact information until after it’s transferred.