Managing Integrated Domains

From the Domains page, you can view the refreshed state of your DNSimple domains alongside domains from Integrated Domain Providers.

Viewing integrated domains from the Domains page
  1. Log in to DNSimple with your user credentials.
  2. Select the relevant account.
  3. On the header, click the tab.
  4. On the Domain Names page, you can browse your integrated domains alongside DNSimple domains. Integrated domains are marked by a label under the “Domain Registration” column. For example, domains imported from GoDaddy would have a “GoDaddy” label under the “Domain Registration”. You can click on any domain in the list to visit its manage page.

    Integrated domains

Refreshing integrated domains

Loading the Domain Names page automatically refreshes the current state of integrated domains and imports any new domains from linked Integrated Domain Providers.

Managing an integrated domain

Click any integrated domain in the list of domains on the Domain Names page to go to that domain’s manage page.

Navigate to an integrated domain

On the domain’s manage page, you can view the details of an integrated domain, like its provider and expiry date.

Integrated domain

On the domain’s manage page, click Registration on the sidebar to view the domain’s delegation and registration contact details.

Integrated domain registration details

DNSSEC information for an integrated domain can be retrieved by clicking DNSSEC on the sidebar. There, you can see if DNSSEC is enabled for the domain.

Integrated domain DNSSEC

If DNSSEC is enabled for the domain, you can also view its DS records.

Integrated domain DS records