OAuth Applications

In order to build a DNSimple addon, you need to create a new OAuth Application.

An OAuth Application lets external addons to request authorization for a DNSimple account and to interact with our platform on user’s behalf.

Getting to the OAuth Applications page

Log into your account and navigate to your account page by clicking the drop-down in the top right portion of the navbar.

Once you are there, click on the link in the sidebar.

Scroll down to see all of your authorized applications, and the applications that you’re developing.

Applications Page

Generating an OAuth Application

From the section, click the link.

New Application Link

Fill out the form with the Application Name, Homepage URL, and Authorization Callback URL information—then click on the button.

New Application Form

In the next screen you will see important information like “Client ID” and “Client Secret” which are requested to develop addons.

Application Page

Deleting an OAuth Application

From the application’s page click on and follow the instructions.