Premium Domains

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What is a Premium Domain?

A premium domain is priced differently by a registrar, and is generally found in the new gTLDs space. They’re typically more expensive than a normal domain, with prices going into the thousands of dollars in some cases. An example of a gTLD is .love or .ninja.

What makes a Premium Domain valuable

Premium domains appeal to specific businesses or groups of people, providing them with useful, specific domain names for their activities. Other times they’re just popular keywords or a very well known combination of a name and domain. Some registries or registrars also consider two or three letter domains to be more valuable, so those may have a higher price.

For example: Paris is known as the city of love. The domain created as a combination of these could be and would be an attractive name for marketing companies or businesses. The .love registry may impose a higher fee for this combination. The registrar may even make it more expensive than a typical .love domain registration.

How can I register or transfer a Premium Domain with DNSimple?

When going through our domain registration process, if you try to register a domain flagged as a premium pricing domain, you’ll see an alert indicating the new price versus the typical price for that domain. The alert will look like this:

Premium Domain Alert

What about renewals?

Renewing a premium domain can vary in in cost. It could be the same as a typical renewal or as much as a new registration. The minimum pricing for this is determined by the registry.

If you have any other questions about premium domains you can contact us.