Registering a Domain

There are two reasons to register a domain with DNSimple: when it’s a newly purchased domain, or to register a domain for which you’re already managing the DNS.

When applicable, we recommend enabling auto-renew to avoid your domain expiring if you plan to retain ownership.

To register a domain
  1. Log in to DNSimple with your user credentials.
  2. Click Add from your Dashboard in the appropriate account’s card if you have more than one.
  3. Click Register domain.
  4. Fill out the domain name.
  5. Choose whether you’d like Whois Privacy Protection or auto-renewal on the domain (if applicable).
  6. Click Register Domain.
  7. Provide contact details for the registrant of the domain, or choose a contact from those you’ve already created.
  8. Click Register Domain.

The total registration price will be held on your card immediately. Your card will be charged once the registration completes. If the registration fails, funds will be released.

Have more questions?

If you have any questions about registering domains with DNSimple, contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.