Web Hosting Support

We focus primarily on domain management services, so we don’t provide web hosting.

If you want to transfer your domain, and your registrar currently provides web hosting, these are your options:

  1. Use a platform as a service provider such as Heroku, Azure or Google Platform.
  2. Use a cloud provider such as Amazon EBS or DigitalOcean.
  3. If you want to host a static site, use a cloud hosting solution such as Amazon S3, GitHub Pages or GitLab Pages.

FTP credentials

Because we don’t host your application or files directly, we can’t provide any FTP credentials. Please refer to your application hosting provider for information on how to access your content.

Why DNSimple doesn’t provide web hosting services

  • We focus on offering the best domain management platform by enabling our customers to set up and connect their domains to popular services that already exist, rather than trying to create our own top-to-bottom solution.
  • The web is diverse and complex, and there are myriad technologies available for creating websites. These require several pieces of software to work: database servers, web servers, caching services, load balancers, etc. Websites have heavier hardware requirements than just a few Megabytes of hard disk.
  • There are many useful websites for people who need personal sites.

Identifying your web host

You can determine your web host using a tool like Hosting Checker.