Webhooks and API events

Table of Contents

DNSimple uses webhooks to deliver notifications via HTTP regarding changes or events in your account.

For more technical information, visit the Webhook and Events section in our API documentation.

Managing Webhook recipients

To check your webhook recipients, log in to your account, and navigate to your account page.

Click on the link in the left menu.

Webhook listing

This shows all the URLs where DNSimple publishes the events that happen in your account.

Adding a recipient

Click on the link to add a new recipient.

Add recipient

You’ll be asked for a URL. After you’ve entered the URL, click on to add the recipient.

Add the URL and save it

You’ll then be redirected to the Automation section. The new webhook recipient will appear on the list of all webhooks.

Recipient added

Removing a recipient

You can remove a recipient by using the button.

Remove recipient

Clearing suppression

Sometimes a webhook delivery fails. This may be due to a temporary error or more permanent problem. If an endpoint cannot be reached, the delivery is retried. If it keeps failing, the recipient will be marked as Suppressed, and no more events will be sent.

When there are suppressed recipients, an alert message appears, and a red exclamation point next to a webhook indicates there’s an issue and that the webhook is suppressed.

Suppressed recipients

Click on the button to clear the suppresion and allow the recipient to rececive events again.