Auto-Importing DNS Records

This article describes a feature only available on newer plans.

Auto-importing DNS records helps reduce downtime on your domain transfer or when hosting the DNS for your domain with us.

Instead of manually entering DNS records or importing them in BIND format (not all domain providers let you export your records in this standard format), we scan existing records and import them for you.

We can import these DNS record types:

We prompt you to auto-import DNS records when:

  • A domain transfer is about to start
  • Adding a domain for DNS management

Auto-import the zone for your domain any time by clicking on from the record editor.


We scan the existing records for your domain and let you import them all at once.

We automatically look for the most common subdomains like www, blog, and email. You can add custom subdomains at the bottom of the form.


Once you have all the necessary records, click on to add them to your domain zone.

Managing conflicts

If auto-importing a record conflicts with an existing one on your domain, we ask you to confirm which record you’d like to keep. By default, we don’t override the records on your domain. You’ll have to select the record that applies in your context.


Once you’ve made a selection, click on to add them to your domain zone.