Change Subscription Plan

As a DNSimple customer, you might require features that aren’t available on your current plan. This article discusses how to switch to the most appropriate subscription to meet your current needs.

When you change your plan, you’ll receive a prorated discount corresponding to the remaining days in your current subscription plan. This discount doesn’t consider extras, like email forwards or extra zones, which you’ll be billed for again as part of the plan change. Read more about subscription proration.

When changing from a yearly plan to a monthly plan, you’ll receive a credit to your DNSimple account balance.

Changing your subscription plan
  1. Log in to DNSimple with your user credentials.
  2. Find the account from the account list. Click on the account to enter the account page.
  3. Click the link under your plan section.

    Change plan

  4. Identify the purpose of your subscription.


  5. Explore the features for each plan. Click the button of the plan that better suits your needs.

    Choose plan

  6. Verify the charges that will be made on your account. To complete the plan change, click .

    Verify charges

  7. Once the change is complete, you’ll receive the corresponding invoice.

When a plan change happens it may or may not be billed immediately:

  • If the plan change causes a billing cycle change (monthly to yearly or yearly to monthly) it is billed immediately, updating the billing cycle.
  • If the plan change does not change the billing cycle, it will be billed along with the renewal of the plan, adhering to the existing billing cycle.