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DNSimple supports the ability to manage domains that are registered through GoDaddy. You can manage your GoDaddy domains at DNSimple by linking your GoDaddy account as an Integrated Domain Provider to DNSimple.

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Supported Features

  • Import integrated domains: When you link an Integrated Domain Provider to your DNSimple account, domains registered via that Integrated Domain Provider will be imported into DNSimple and listed on the Domains page.
  • View and manage integrated domains: View the expiry date, delegation name servers, domain registration contact, and DNSSEC information of your integrated domains from DNSimple. You can also manage your domain’s WHOIS Privacy, renewal, and name servers from the DNSimple dashboard.
  • Register domains via DNSimple: Learn how to register a domain on GoDaddy via DNSimple.
  • Transfer your domain to DNSimple easily: Read more about transferring domains.
  • Domain expiration notices: Get email notifications when your integrated domains are near expiry.


To link GoDaddy as an Integrated Domain Provider, you need:

Invoice and billing

For operations concerning the registration of your domain, like:

  • Registering the domain
  • Renewing the domain
  • Turning auto renewal on and off
  • Turning whois privacy on and off

Your GoDaddy account will be charged. Please reach out to them with any billing or invoice concerns regarding these operations.

For any other value-added services that DNSimple provides, like:

  • Zone hosting
  • SSL certificates
  • Email forwarding
  • Integrations
  • One-click-services

Your DNSimple account will be charged. Please reach out to our customer support team with any concerns regarding these services.