Sharing Domain Management with Another User

In DNSimple you can share a domain with other users so that they can manage it. For example, if you have a large organization you can share access to the domains with one or more users.

Currently you can only share DNS management responsibilities with others but you cannot give them privileges to add or modify domain registrations, transfers or SSL certificates.

Using sharing is easy. in your domain settings, click on the link “Share management” and then “Share with another user”

Share Management

Enter the user’s email address and press Share. If they already have an account with DNSimple then the domain will automatically appear in their domain list. If they do not have an account then an invitation email will be sent indicating that a domain has been shared with them and that they may create an account to manage that domain.

Accounts that have access to a shared domain are limited as to what they can do with the domain. Specifically they can only add, edit and remove records from the domain or add and remove services. They cannot renew domains, change domain contact information, delete the domain, etc. The full list of how domain managers are restricted appears on the page where you enter an email address to share with.

Note that if you are only working on shared domains, you do not need to activate your account.