Transferring a domain away from DNSimple

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Before you start

If you have changed the contact information within the last 60 days you cannot transfer the domain. Please see this article for more info.

To transfer a domain to another registrar the standard procedure requires you to:

  1. unlock the domain at DNSimple
  2. request a transfer code from DNSimple
  3. start the transfer at the gaining registrar
  4. approve the transfer request sent via email

The first two steps are handled at DNSimple. The other steps are the responsibility of the gaining registrar, and we are not able to provide support for them.

The Transfer Code (also called Authorization Code, Auth Code) is a code required to authorize the transfer of a domain name. The use of a transfer code is a common procedure for most of TLDs, including all the gTLDs such as .COM, .NET, .ORG. However, some TLDs have different transfer procedures:

Unlock the domain and request transfer code

You can prepare your domain for transfer out in a single step. The action will unlock the domain, and send you the transfer code via email if necessary.

The transfer code is sent to the email listed as registrant (owner) for the domain. Before proceeding, check the domain contact and update the email if it doesn’t match an email you have access to.

To prepare the domain for transfer out
  1. Log into your DNSimple account.
  2. Find your domain by searching, you can use the search bar on the dashboard, or the one located at the top of the page in the navbar, as illustrated below. Once you’ve found the domain you’re looking for, click on it to go to the domain page.

    Domain Page link

  3. Go to the registration section and click

    Transfer out link

    This will unlock the domain and, if necessary, email the transfer code to the domain registrant.

If you have requested a domain transfer out and have not received a code then please contact us and include your domain name in the email. We’ll be happy to look into it and figure out why the code has not yet arrived.