Why we don’t offer web hosting services

Traditionally, DNS registrars have offered domains bundled with a hosting solution as part of a basic package. This usually translates into giving a few MegaBytes of disk space exposed by an HTTP server and accessible with a FTP client for the user. The idea behind this was that the user could have their personal HTML static site bundled in with the registrar’s offerings.

This can cause confusion to people without deep understanding of these technologies. This article explains why DNSimple does not offer web hosting. Some of the reasons are:

  • We prefer to focus our efforts on offering the best ever domain management platform by enabling our customers to set up and connect their domains to popular services that already exist, rather than trying to create our own top-to-bottom solution.
  • Today the web is way more diverse and complex. There is a myriad of technologies available for creating websites. These technologies use several pieces of software to work, database servers, web servers, caching services, load balancers, etc. Websites have heavier hardware requirements than some Megabytes of hard disk.
  • There is a lot of more useful websites for someone who needs a personal site.
  • The hosting service could only catter to a tiny fraction of our users that still make their HTML static websites.