Expiring Product Email Notifications

DNSimple monitors the expiration date of your products and sends email notifications when they’re at risk of expiring.

We monitor the following products:

  • Purchased domains
  • Purchased certificates

As soon as one of these products enters the 60-day expiration period, we start sending email notifications.

There are two types of expiring domain notifications:

  • Product Expiration - A digest email containing the list of products expiring within 2 months. It’s delivered every week if you have products expiring.
  • Product Expiring Tomorrow - A final reminder containing the list of products expiring in less than 24 hours, delivered the day before the expiration date.

The notifications are delivered to the email address associated with your account.

ICANN also sends required notifications more frequently about domains registered with us. These notifications will be sent to the registrant email address for the domain and cannot be disabled.

Disabling Expiration Notifications

We provide the ability to disable expiration notifications on domains that are not set to auto-renew. At this time there is no way to disable other notifications.