Managing Integrated Zones

From the Zones page, you can view the refreshed state of your DNSimple zones alongside zones imported from integrated DNS providers.

Accessing the Zones page
  1. On the top-nav menu, click the tab.

  2. Click the menu icon next to the heading.

    Zones link

  3. In the popup menu, click the link to navigate to the page.

    Zones link menu

  4. On the page, the zones in your DNSimple account as well as integrated zones imported from integrated DNS providers will be listed. You can click any linked zone to enter the Deployment Editor and manage the zone’s records. The labels under the Providers column indicate which DNS provider(s) the zone can be managed at.

    Zones page

Refreshing and importing integrated zones

Loading the Zones page automatically refreshes the current state of integrated zones and imports any new zones and their records from linked integrated DNS providers. The new zones and zone records will be fetched in the background upon page load, and the Zones page will automatically update to reflect them once ready.