Why should I register my domain name with DNSimple?

Domain registration with DNSimple is designed to be quick and easy with no up-selling or hassles.

Domain registration is a simple process:

  • Enter a name and verify that it is available.
  • Select a registrant from your contacts or add a new contact.
  • For domains that require extended attributes (like .ca and .us), fill in the required fields.
  • Register the domain.

Yes, it’s really that easy. We won’t try to sell you a bunch of other services when you register your domain.

All domains registered with DNSimple automatically use DNSimple’s name servers and hosted DNS, making the domain set up process very straightforward.

We do not currently offer domain registration as a stand-alone service. Our core business are domain services, hence the registration requires a subscription to one of our plans. We provide DNS hosting without using our registration services.