DNSimple Services

DNSimple provides several services that every system connected to the Internet needs: domain registration, hosted DNS, a powerful automation API, One-Click DNS services, and SSL certificates.

DNS Hosting

DNSimple DNS hosting is billed as a monthly service. Pricing is available on our pricing page. If you sign up or upgrade to a yearly plan then you may also receive a discount on your total subscription price.

Domain Registration

DNSimple domain registrations and transfers are billed on a yearly basis. Pricing varies depending on the domain name. For more information view the domain pricing list.

As a DNSimple customer you do not need to use our domain registration services in order to take advantage of our hosted DNS. If you want to use another registrar you may do so and just change your name servers to our name servers for domains that you want us to provide hosted DNS for.

Powerful Automation API

With the DNSimple REST API you can register domain names and administrate them directly from your own scripts. We have a repository filled with API examples so you can get up and running right away. Some of the things you can do with our API include:

  • Check domain availability
  • Register and renew domains
  • Transfer domains
  • Buy SSL certificates
  • List and Manage Records
  • Register to events using webhooks to receive notification of changes

Read up on our API features and abilities.

One Click DNS Services

One Click Services are DNS snippets ready for you to use. Applying a service creates all the DNS configurations necessary to configure your email and serve up your webpage.

  • Hosting Services such as Surge, WordPress, webflow, and more
  • Productivity Services including Google’s G-Suite, Office 365, and KickoffLabs
  • Infrastructure Services like heroku
  • Email Services including Rackspace, Mailgun, and Fastmail
  • Ecommerce Services such as Shopify and Squarespace

See a complete list of our One Click Services.

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are available in three flavors:

  • Single-host SSL certificates ($20 per year)
  • Wildcard certificates ($100 per year)
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates

Learn more about DNSimple certificates.