Record Notes

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When creating, updating, or deleting a DNS record from the DNS record editor, you can include a note to explain the purpose of the record change.

Video walk-through

Creating a record note

When you create or update a DNS record, you can fill in the Notes field with the purpose of the record.

Record notes

Viewing a record note

When you update a record, you’ll be able to view the note associated with the record in the Notes field, if one exists.

Viewing record notes

Creating a record deletion note

When deleting a record, you can also include a note to help you remember why you deleted it.

Creating a record deletion note
  1. Access the record editor for the relevant domain.

  2. Click on the trash icon at the end of the record row to delete the record.

    Delete a record

  3. In the popup, you can enter a note to help you remember the reason for the record deletion.

    Make a note for record deletion

Viewing record notes in your audit history

When you create, update, or delete a record, and add a record note, the note will be included with the DNS record activity in your audit history.

Record note in audit history