Record Editor

The Record Editor is the DNSimple DNS editor. The editor gives you the ability to view, create and manage the DNS records for a domain.

Any supported DNS record type can be managed from the record editor, except system records.

Access the record editor

To access the record editor from your dashboard, click on the records icon.

Record Editor from the domain list

To access the record editor from the domain page, click on the records icon.

Record Editor from the domain page

System records

System Records are special DNS records created by DNSimple when you add a domain to your account. They are necessary to resolve your domain and cannot be edited from the record editor because they are managed by the DNSimple system.

System Records

The system records include a SOA record and the four name servers, as long as the domain is resolving with DNSimple name servers.

Create a record

From the Add a Record menu select a DNS record type and click on the type to enter the new record page. DNSimple supports several different DNS record types.

Select Record Type

The creation page varies depending on the record type you selected. In most cases, you will be asked to provide a Name, a content and a TTL.

New Record Page

  • Name: This is the record hostname. Leave it blank to configure a record for the root domain. Otherwise, just enter the subdomain part for a different hostname. You can also enter an * for a wildcard record.

  • Alias for: The content value and format changes depending on the selected record type. For instance, if you are creating an A record you will need to enter the IP address. For an ALIAS or CNAME record, the content will be the target fully-qualified domain name.

  • TTL: TTL standard for Time-to-Live. It determines how long a DNS lookup for that record can be cached. The default value is 1 hour (3600 seconds), but you can adjust it selecting as different value from the select field.

Enter the required infomation and press Add Record to create the record.

Edit a record

To modify a record, click on the edit icon at the end of the record row.

Update Record

Delete a record

To delete a record, click on the trash icon at the end of the record row.

Please note that there is no undo. The only way to restore a deleted record is to create it again.

Delete Record