Transferring a Domain to DNSimple

Table of Contents

Transferring a domain name to DNSimple is the process of moving your domain registration to DNSimple. DNSimple will act as a domain registrar, and you will be able to manage your entire domain configuration in your DNSimple account.

Before starting

To avoid the possibility of downtime, you should point the name servers for the domain to DNSimple (or another provider) before you begin the transfer. This will prevent downtime and allow you to perform changes to the DNS records during the domain transfer. You should also remove any existing DS records from your domain if you are changing DNS providers.


  • A domain may only be transferred if it was registered more than 60 days ago and has not been transferred within the last 60 days.
  • Most registrars will not allow an expired domain to be transferred. However, if the domain expires during the transfer, the registrar may not block the transfer due to the expiration.
  • WHOIS privacy services may prevent the proper delivery of the transfer approval email. You will need to turn the WHOIS privacy service off before starting the transfer.

Initiating the transfer

Preparing the transfer

At your current Registrar:

  1. Unlock your domain.
  2. Turn off the WHOIS privacy service.
  3. Get your domain authorization code. This code is often sent by your current registrar via email.
  4. Make sure you can receive emails at the email address specified for the current registrant of the domain. You may want to check out how the domain looks in the public whois to verify.
Starting the transfer

At DNSimple:

  1. Log into DNSimple and click on .
  2. Select .
  3. You may also enable “Whois Privacy Protection” so that it is enabled immediately upon completion of the transfer by checking the “Enable WHOIS Privacy Protection” check box.
  4. Press
    • Select a registrant, enter your authorization code if it is required, and fill in any extended attributes.
    • Press “Transfer Domain”

Approving the transfer

Your domain transfer request will now be issued if there are no missing fields. For most domain extensions, the current registrant will receive an email from to authorize the transfer.

Follow the instructions in the email. We cannot issue the transfer request to the registry without approval of this email.

Once you’ve authorized the transfer, you may have to wait up to 7 days your domain transfer to complete.

We will only charge your credit card for the transfer once it has completed.

Transfer status

You can go to your domain list to check on the status of pending transfers. Click on “transfer in process” to view detailed information about the transfer request.

Canceling the transfer

If the domain is still in the transfer process, you can cancel the transfer, and the domain won’t be moved away from your current registrar. To do this, navigate to your domain. Under the “Transferring” card, click “View status”, then “Cancel transfer”.

After the transfer

When the transfer is completed, you will receive a confirmation email from DNSimple. Congratulations! Your domain is now transferred to DNSimple and you can manage it from your DNSimple account.

Changing name servers

It’s important to note that we don’t automatically point your domain to our name servers when the transfer completes.

To avoid unexpected downtime and confusion, we don’t change the domain name servers upon a successful transfer. When the domain is transferred to us, we will keep using the same name servers previously configured for the domain.

You can now decide to point the domain to DNSimple name servers in one click or manually configure the name servers.

We suggest pointing your domain to our name servers before the transfer to avoid downtime during the transfer. Some DNS providers will stop serving the DNS for the domain as soon as the transfer is completed.

Expiration extension

Most transferred domains will be extended the minimum required extension period. For example, .com domains will always be extended 1 year when they are transferred.

The price of this extension is included in the transfer fee.