URL records?

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What is a URL record?

The URL record is a special DNSimple record. URL records can be used to redirect a host name to another URL using our redirector.

This feature can be used, for example, to redirect the www version of a domain the non-www hostname. Another use case is to redirect a secondary domain you purchased to the main domain, without pointing it to any web hosting service.

For more information about the service, supported redirect types, and limitations visit the redirector article.

Manage URL records

You can manage the URL records (redirects) for a domain from the record editor.

To add an URL record

  1. In the record editor, click and select to add a new URL record.

  2. Enter the URL record information.

    • The Name is the subdomain you want to redirect, without the domain name. For example, if you want to redirect wwww.example.com enter www. Leave it blank to redirect the root domain example.com.

    • The Destination URL is the URL where the domain will be redirected. It can be also be a subdirectory of a site or a single page.

    Once ready, click to confirm and create the record.

  3. The record is created and will be visible in the record list.

To update an URL record

  1. In the record editor, search the record and click on the Pencil icon to edit it.

  2. Update the information and click to save the record.

To remove an URL record

  1. In the record editor, search the record and click on the Trash icon to delete it.

  2. Confirm the dialog to delete the record.

HTTPS redirects

The redirector doesn’t support HTTPS, therefore you cannot redirect an HTTPS request.

Take a look at the article redirector and HTTPS for additional information and a list of possible of alternative solutions.