Account Activation

You must activate your DNSimple account to register or transfer domain names through DNSimple, or to provide DNS resolution.

Activation is easy and includes a free 30-day trial. You can cancel at any time during your 30-day trial without being charged. During the course of your trial, you’re free to change plans to try different features.

To activate your account
  1. Visit our self-service sign up page, select the plan meets your needs, and click . For organizations with custom requirements contact our sales team.
  2. Create your account by entering your email address and password and click “Join DNSimple”. You can also sign up using your Google identity.
  3. Enter your payment information click to activate your account. We’ll start responding to DNS queries immediately for any domains in your account.

If you’re resubscribing to DNSimple, you won’t have a new 30-day trial period. Your credit card will be billed immediately.

Your account is now active. Any domains you update to use our name servers will now resolve with the DNSimple system.