Subscription Renewals

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Your subscription will be renewed each month. The payment for the renewal will be charged to the card on file or, if you have credit, deducted from from the credit balance.

The amount to be charged depends on:

  • The price of the plan you’re subscribed to;
  • The number of extra domains you have in your account; and
  • The number of domains that have email forwards configured.

You can find the exact amount you’ll be charged at your next renewal, and when your subscription is due to renew, on the account page.

What happens when my subscription is renewed?

When your subscription renewal is successfully processed, we’ll send you an invoice, and the service will be extended for the duration of your plan’s billing cycle: one month or one year.

What happens when the payment for the renewal fails?

If your subscription renewal payment fails, you’ll receive a dunned invoice and an email that includes details about the failure.

If this happens, please don’t panic. Your account will not be canceled, and your domains will continue to resolve. We know that credit cards expire and wallets get lost. That’s why we give our customers plenty of time to resolve their payment issues. From the first failed payment attempt you have 21 days to finalize the payment.

Our system will try to renew the subscription and collect the payment once a week during that period. You will be notified about the outcome of these attempts.

You can manually retry the payments for subscription renewal fees. This article shows you how to retry the payment for the corresponding invoice.

If you know you won’t be able to provide a valid card number before your subscription gets canceled, please contact us.

What happens if my subscription is canceled?

When your subscription is canceled because of too many failed renewal attempts, we’ll immediately notify you by email, and the services DNSimple provides will stop. This support article explains what to expect in this situation.

Keep in mind, even if your subscription is canceled, you can always reactivate it.