Updating NS Records for the Zone of a Hosted Domain

You can configure NS records at the apex of a zone of a hosted domain. If you want to configure NS records for a subdomain, click here instead.

Updating NS records for a zone
  1. Log in to DNSimple with your user credentials.
  2. If you have multiple accounts, select your account in the navigation bar.
  3. On the top-nav menu, click the tab, locate the relevant domain, and click on the name to access the domain page.
  4. Switch to the tab.

    Domain DNS tab link

  5. Scroll down to locate the Zone NS records section.
  6. Click on

    Zone NS records

  7. Enter the hostnames of the name servers you want to set for the NS records in the zone.

    Apply NS records

  8. Instead of typing in name server hostnames, you can also choose to add them from one or more name server sets.

    Apply NS records from name server sets

  9. Click on to apply the changes.

Hosted domain must be delegated to DNSimple

The zone NS record changes will only take effect if the domain is delegated to DNSimple.