Creating accounts for clients

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This article describes a feature only available on certain plans. See the differences between plans.

Creating a separate account is a flexible and secure way for agencies and freelancers to share domain management with their clients.

When you add your client as a user to an account, they will have full access rights on every resource attached to the account – including domains, contacts, SSL certificates, etc.

The client will also have full admin access to the account – including the ability to access and change billing information and account details. They will retain their login credentials and multi-factor authentication configuration.

Each customer must have a separate account. If you add more than one customer to the same account, each customer will be able to manage other customers’ domains.

Creating a separate account for your client

You can add another account to your user profile by taking these steps.

Inviting your client to DNSimple

Verify your client has registered with DNSimple.

If needed, point your client to the signup page. There, they can register using their email address, or via Google as an identity provider.

Your client doesn’t need to have an active subscription. They only need to be signed up for the service.

Adding clients to the new account

Once you’ve subscribed the new account to an eligible plan, add your client to the new account.