Why should I host my DNS with DNSimple?

DNSimple is focused on one thing: making domain and DNS management simple and painless.

We provide a clean and easy-to-use web interface and API for domain registration and management.

Our focus on DNS and domains allows us to continue to make improvements that are immediately useful to you, from improvements in our API to allow domain registration and transfers through automated means, to our web interface, which we continue to work on to make it easier and better for you.

We believe that our small size is actually a powerful reason for using DNSimple. When you email support@dnsimple you know you’re getting support from someone who cares about you and your DNS. We will bend over backwards to resolve any DNS issues and will always be honest and forthcoming about what our service can and cannot do.

In short, you should host with DNSimple if you like simple and hassle-free DNS management, and support from people who care.